Thursday, 16 August 2012

Football, PS3 Attention?

Hey guys this post is to all those guys out there that have mental problems and think that girls watch football matches or play PS3 for attention seeking! LOOOL you make me laugh!

Wait a minute I really wonder why they think like that :-S It's just not acceptable !? NO darling we don't do that for attention seeking WELL I don't for sure, but I don't know about your 'GIRLFRIEND'. If a guy thinks that a girl is doing that for attention there should be a message behind that... such as.. They do things for attention seeking too and think other will do the same or.. they realize that their GIRLFRIEND does that for attention  but they try to put it on other girls. REALLY??

I'm not a football freak or PS3 freak but its just FUN and ENTERTAINING! I grew up with boys but I didn't grow up with them for attention seeking LOL! WAIT your attention seeking by telling others that we are attention seeking :D spreading out rumours.

To be honest I had to blog this because its just really irritating me to hear guys say that, the other day I was playing COD with my guy friend online and he told his friends that I beat him at COD twice and everyone was shocked they were like 'YOU PLAY PS3 :O, YOU BEAT HIM? YOU BANG OUT FIFA?!' I mean what's there not to believe :-S

 Matches are on and I love watching them especially my team GERMANY :D It's exciting and 'nothing wrong with that. If everything we do is attention seeking then I don't even no what to say boy. Your mum gives birth because she want's attention? Girls are not slaves or don't belong to the kitchen or bed just to make their boy happy WELL I DON'T and I believe that they will agree with this too.

I know that not all the guys think that but most off them do and they should thinks their brain cells, we are human beings we can do what ever we like.


Hey guys , yep it's another post :)

I'm writing this post because I wanna get you thinking, well if you got a heart :D
I find it really sad how some people use other people, not everyone uses them for the same reason.
For example people use people for:
-To get someonelse jelaous
-To forget someone
-To take advantage of them
And more..

This is sooo evil :/ Why would you wanna use someone, play with their feelings and then just leave them and the saddest thing is why would you even tell them 'I USED YOU BECAUSE..'
Argh I know how that feels, it feels like someone just stabbed your heart with those word, its unbelievable how someone you trust or respect can just treat you like sh*t.

I will say don't ever use anyone because remember what goes around comes back around, one day it will hit you 10 times harder and you will regret and feel guilty and trust me you don't want to feel like that.

I've been through this situation before, and I don't care I will give no names but will explain my situation. I just still liked my ex but to be honest I did but didn't wanna get back with him because I knew what he was like. I always thought he is a mature and sweet guy but after I realized that even THE SWEETEST CHOCOLATE CAN EXPIRE. You know them once when you find out their true faces then you just feel like a fool for trusting them then you lose all your trust but you still wanna be with them. That's how it was with me, I always respected him, still cared, and still liked him for who he was. He just acted all nice to me after our breakup wanted to see me, always spoke to me, but then one day he just deleted me so obviously I have the right to know why I just bothered him and asked him he said he wants to move on and forget about me so I respect that. But when you miss them you wanna message them again right, that's what I did but this time he got rude to me, when I got rude back he couldn't take it and said 'I USED YOU BECAUSE YOUR  EASY' LOOOL so I'm thinking how was I easy? I was properly easy for still believing him and the things is we didn't go FAR with him. It just hurts but I'm proud and happy that I'm done with him.
You know deep inside I know that he didn't mean what he said because I can just tell I'm not a fool LOL, he just said that to move me away, to get mad but ain't gonna lie it worked. (He will probably see this one day, and think what is she doing WELL I'M DOING ME)


Another late night post with reall life stories...

I'm just going to start of by saying if your not gonna take advice then don't waste your time reading this post. FOR REAL!

I will talk about both single and in a relationship because I can.
Well I'm single and I'm happy even though sometimes I just want to be in a relationship but its all cool. When your single you feel free and can flirt with anyone, talk dirty, sweet, hang out and have fun, but when you find out that the person you are dating actually has a partner that's when all of your emotions drop down. Nope its not your at fault for flirting its that fools fault for not respecting their partner and now his in the middle of an ocean where he is just lost and can't decide who to go for.

Why go for someone else when you have someone who is faithful and loyal, I mean no matter how much I would like that person I will never go for them once I find out that they are in a relationship with someone else because think of it, if he does that to his girl now I promise you he will do the same thing to you! It's just when you realize that they are lien to you don't say 'Ah Everything Will Be Fine' BECAUSE IT WON'T he will just keep lien to you and you will just seem like a fool this is like mind games. Once you realize a lie tell them straight away that you know they are lien. If you know that the guy has a girlfriend don't waste your time with him because think of the other girl how she will feel and won't you feel guilty about it?

From a different point of view when your boyfriend for a long period time cheats on you its very hard to let it go. Well think about the girl that's being cheated on it can affect her mentally and emotionally as from my experience #Jan. It can make her have trust issues where she feels lie she won't be able to trust anyone again. This is why most girls who are in long term relationships find it hard to leave a cheating boyfriend because they know they can't trust anyone and are scared of trusting a new person and then getting hurt.

It's not only boys that cheat I know girls that cheated on their boyfriends but this was a real life story therefore we talked about 'boys'


Mind games can be really annoying, mind games are mostly common in relationships between to ex's or relationships. I don't really like talking about relationships on the blog because its too weird lol but 'Mind Games' should be.

Okey, I don't like playing mind games with anyone because it's just not the right thing to do. The person's gonna' end up confused. I know this feeling because 'someone' has tried playing this ' Mind Game' with me before (He'll probs know who he is, if he ever sees this post YOLO). It's not me that ended up like a fool loool he is a complete loser right now.It's not only guys that play mind games because girls also do with guys :/

'Mind Games' Well obviously it takes two to play this game, as one starts the other just doesn't say anything for the first time because what they are thinking is 'I'll play the player' basicly they get angry and don't want to end up like a fool but the more they carry it on the more foolish they seem. I know this because I never told that stupid boy to stop even when I've realised what he wanted I just ignored it and acted like I didn't clock which obviously (at times) made me seem like a complete fool :/ Trust me that feeling isn't great.

The person that's playing this 'Mind Game' with you things they are soo smart, so when you allow them to affect you that you don't alignment with your values, like who you are and what you want then you will lose the so called 'Emotinal Power'. So your emotions will just move up and down. If they realize this they will get the image of 'I OWN THEM'.

If you actually start to realize that someone's playing with you the bets way is to tell them that you know what they are trying to do, tell them that you simply don't like it. They will eventually try other mind games or just move to somebody else. (EX's will do)

Mind games are just stupid because they just have one motive which is to advance their need, interests also goals of the person that's being played which is you :D Anyone that takes advantage of you and exploits your weaknesses doesn't value you no matter how much they tell you that they love, like or care about you.


Hmm, this post sounds quite? :/ you tell me! It should get you thinking and your reading this post for a reason right now aint ya?  Good you are :) What has this world come to? Whats up with everyone around us? The people we respect the most seem to take advantage of us, and the people we ignore actually still respect us :/ Life isn't fair ahh? I don't understand anyone but want people to understand me through this post. This goes to the selfish once! So everyone LOL! Whats the point of being so mard mean, rude, sad, angry or I dnno taking advantage of someone that really cares about you and you know they'll take a bullet for you :/ Whats the point of respecting, caring, loving or chasing after someone who dosent even care about you :S Diamonds seem to chase stones and stones are just stones! No one will ever be happy in life if this carries on because people should start recognizing how wrong it is :S we should care, respect and be friendly to everyone around us.


Heyyyy Everyone :)
It's almost 5 o'clock in the morning yesh I got time to blog ;)
Well todays post is goin' to be about my amazing prom which I had on the 18th May 2012 ..
Proms are amazing because you get to be with all your loved once that you've spend more then 5 years together, yes this includes your teachers, friends, strangers and most probably a few people you dislike! But on this special day it shouldn't really matter as everyone wants to enjoy themselves with the people around them.
Dancing and drinking- YES! these are the main things I enjoy at proms and parties because these just make everything GREAT! Obviously drinking a lot isn't GOOD so you have to be careful about the amount and what you drink! DONT LOSE  CONTROL because if you get drunk you can embarrass yourself by doing things you can regret later on.. It didn't really happen to me but it could've!

Some people don't like going prom I think these people are just MAD! Why would you miss out on a special day like this? Okey I understand that you might find it difficult to find dresses, suits, shoes, and etc.. but trust me YOU CAN! Hmmm, maybe you don't like proms or parties because your a shy person? OH PLEASE! This isn't the right time to be shy you need to get out there and show them the reall star in you! ITS YOUR TIME TO SHINE! I believe that proms/parties give you the opportunity to get confident because you shouldn't care about what people think about you. You can dance, sing, drink, eat, walk, and have fun the way you like remember its a time where you can just forget about all of your problems for a night!

Girls you need to shake that BODY! get your hater jealous ;)
& Guys you need to get on that girl and be her partner to make that dance workout ;)

PROMS/PARTIES you never know what could happen! :D


Relationships are not perfect and no I don't expect them to be perfect neither should you! Just imagine a relationship with no arguments, no jealousy and etc.. it would be so BORING! All relationships should have small arguments because this makes it stronger as you then see how much the guys actually care about us! Look if you argue and they just walk away you know they don't care about you anyways so girl don't beg him just move on PLS! Yeah it aint easy but what you gonna do? CHASE HIM? REALLY? WAIT FOR HIM? Remember you only live once so live your life to the fullest. Relationships can wait put your education and family first because trust me you don't wanna waste your life searching for MR.RIGHT. God is up there and when the right person comes at the right time then you'll realize what love really is. I've been through a break up, yes I thought I can't move on! Yeah I tried to get back with him! BUT no way I can force someone to love me because that just doesn't feel right as deep inside you know that he doesn't really love you.

A mistake that all there girls do is act different :S Girl you should better be yourself if you want the right guy nope I'm not talking about your looks but I'm talking about your personality. There are times that we try attention seeking -.- well that's crap when you look back! It makes us such easy girls! We need to act mature and not chase :)