Thursday, 16 August 2012

Football, PS3 Attention?

Hey guys this post is to all those guys out there that have mental problems and think that girls watch football matches or play PS3 for attention seeking! LOOOL you make me laugh!

Wait a minute I really wonder why they think like that :-S It's just not acceptable !? NO darling we don't do that for attention seeking WELL I don't for sure, but I don't know about your 'GIRLFRIEND'. If a guy thinks that a girl is doing that for attention there should be a message behind that... such as.. They do things for attention seeking too and think other will do the same or.. they realize that their GIRLFRIEND does that for attention  but they try to put it on other girls. REALLY??

I'm not a football freak or PS3 freak but its just FUN and ENTERTAINING! I grew up with boys but I didn't grow up with them for attention seeking LOL! WAIT your attention seeking by telling others that we are attention seeking :D spreading out rumours.

To be honest I had to blog this because its just really irritating me to hear guys say that, the other day I was playing COD with my guy friend online and he told his friends that I beat him at COD twice and everyone was shocked they were like 'YOU PLAY PS3 :O, YOU BEAT HIM? YOU BANG OUT FIFA?!' I mean what's there not to believe :-S

 Matches are on and I love watching them especially my team GERMANY :D It's exciting and 'nothing wrong with that. If everything we do is attention seeking then I don't even no what to say boy. Your mum gives birth because she want's attention? Girls are not slaves or don't belong to the kitchen or bed just to make their boy happy WELL I DON'T and I believe that they will agree with this too.

I know that not all the guys think that but most off them do and they should thinks their brain cells, we are human beings we can do what ever we like.

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