Thursday, 16 August 2012


Heyyyy Everyone :)
It's almost 5 o'clock in the morning yesh I got time to blog ;)
Well todays post is goin' to be about my amazing prom which I had on the 18th May 2012 ..
Proms are amazing because you get to be with all your loved once that you've spend more then 5 years together, yes this includes your teachers, friends, strangers and most probably a few people you dislike! But on this special day it shouldn't really matter as everyone wants to enjoy themselves with the people around them.
Dancing and drinking- YES! these are the main things I enjoy at proms and parties because these just make everything GREAT! Obviously drinking a lot isn't GOOD so you have to be careful about the amount and what you drink! DONT LOSE  CONTROL because if you get drunk you can embarrass yourself by doing things you can regret later on.. It didn't really happen to me but it could've!

Some people don't like going prom I think these people are just MAD! Why would you miss out on a special day like this? Okey I understand that you might find it difficult to find dresses, suits, shoes, and etc.. but trust me YOU CAN! Hmmm, maybe you don't like proms or parties because your a shy person? OH PLEASE! This isn't the right time to be shy you need to get out there and show them the reall star in you! ITS YOUR TIME TO SHINE! I believe that proms/parties give you the opportunity to get confident because you shouldn't care about what people think about you. You can dance, sing, drink, eat, walk, and have fun the way you like remember its a time where you can just forget about all of your problems for a night!

Girls you need to shake that BODY! get your hater jealous ;)
& Guys you need to get on that girl and be her partner to make that dance workout ;)

PROMS/PARTIES you never know what could happen! :D

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