Thursday, 16 August 2012


Mind games can be really annoying, mind games are mostly common in relationships between to ex's or relationships. I don't really like talking about relationships on the blog because its too weird lol but 'Mind Games' should be.

Okey, I don't like playing mind games with anyone because it's just not the right thing to do. The person's gonna' end up confused. I know this feeling because 'someone' has tried playing this ' Mind Game' with me before (He'll probs know who he is, if he ever sees this post YOLO). It's not me that ended up like a fool loool he is a complete loser right now.It's not only guys that play mind games because girls also do with guys :/

'Mind Games' Well obviously it takes two to play this game, as one starts the other just doesn't say anything for the first time because what they are thinking is 'I'll play the player' basicly they get angry and don't want to end up like a fool but the more they carry it on the more foolish they seem. I know this because I never told that stupid boy to stop even when I've realised what he wanted I just ignored it and acted like I didn't clock which obviously (at times) made me seem like a complete fool :/ Trust me that feeling isn't great.

The person that's playing this 'Mind Game' with you things they are soo smart, so when you allow them to affect you that you don't alignment with your values, like who you are and what you want then you will lose the so called 'Emotinal Power'. So your emotions will just move up and down. If they realize this they will get the image of 'I OWN THEM'.

If you actually start to realize that someone's playing with you the bets way is to tell them that you know what they are trying to do, tell them that you simply don't like it. They will eventually try other mind games or just move to somebody else. (EX's will do)

Mind games are just stupid because they just have one motive which is to advance their need, interests also goals of the person that's being played which is you :D Anyone that takes advantage of you and exploits your weaknesses doesn't value you no matter how much they tell you that they love, like or care about you.

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