Thursday, 16 August 2012

People Around Us

Heyyy Guys :)
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Friendships are really important but REAL friendships! You need to chose the people you can trust and call them your friends.. I'm the type of person who's friendly, helpful, kind and the one that will care about anyone no matter how bad they were to me because I just want to be the bigger person and let god decide what will happen to that person :/
Yes I have these people in my life that I have to almost see everyday but I have no other option, to be honest I don't trust any of those people around me that's why I only have 3 main friends that I really love, and I can feel their love :)

However, Janneice is the type of person who won't interact with them but obviously she also want's to be the bigger person but everything depends on how serious the situation is. Janneice's advice is that if the people around you aren't treating you right such as not  having respect,being two-faced , talking behind your back then its not worth spending your time with  them  as this will bring you down and make you have trust issues just get ride of them  just like you would get ride of a cheating boyfriend!.Although at first you WILL feel sad and lonely but trust me things do get better and you will start to see thing in a different light and see who are and who aren't really your friends.

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