Thursday, 16 August 2012


So I recently decided to change my hair colour from dark purple/red to ginger, at first I was scared of the result that maybe I wont like it but then drakes lyrics came in my mind 'YOLO' :D Yep you only live once remember that... However I was thinking what if it looks crap :/ What if people wont like it and make fun of me :/ But deep inside I knew that it was wrong to act like that because its my own hair, my life, my choices.. :/ I just wanted to have some changes. I ended up bleaching my amazing hair of course :D and guess whatt?? I LOVE THE COLOUR and everyone else does as well except from my cousin, shes properly hating -.- yes that's what I call jealousy LOL. I meant don't you just hate it when you and everyone else know that you look amazing but then theres always that one person that tries anything to put you off :/ These people need some serious help like MOVE OUTTA MY WAY.. Well girls my advice is live your life, do what you like well obviously listen to the people you trust the most like your family but other than that I'll say people are fake and they don't want you to be a great person. So show them that you dont need their bloody opinions. You have a brain that works, their braincells are out of order lool or I don't know but seriously do what makes you YOU!

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