Thursday, 16 August 2012


Hey guys , yep it's another post :)

I'm writing this post because I wanna get you thinking, well if you got a heart :D
I find it really sad how some people use other people, not everyone uses them for the same reason.
For example people use people for:
-To get someonelse jelaous
-To forget someone
-To take advantage of them
And more..

This is sooo evil :/ Why would you wanna use someone, play with their feelings and then just leave them and the saddest thing is why would you even tell them 'I USED YOU BECAUSE..'
Argh I know how that feels, it feels like someone just stabbed your heart with those word, its unbelievable how someone you trust or respect can just treat you like sh*t.

I will say don't ever use anyone because remember what goes around comes back around, one day it will hit you 10 times harder and you will regret and feel guilty and trust me you don't want to feel like that.

I've been through this situation before, and I don't care I will give no names but will explain my situation. I just still liked my ex but to be honest I did but didn't wanna get back with him because I knew what he was like. I always thought he is a mature and sweet guy but after I realized that even THE SWEETEST CHOCOLATE CAN EXPIRE. You know them once when you find out their true faces then you just feel like a fool for trusting them then you lose all your trust but you still wanna be with them. That's how it was with me, I always respected him, still cared, and still liked him for who he was. He just acted all nice to me after our breakup wanted to see me, always spoke to me, but then one day he just deleted me so obviously I have the right to know why I just bothered him and asked him he said he wants to move on and forget about me so I respect that. But when you miss them you wanna message them again right, that's what I did but this time he got rude to me, when I got rude back he couldn't take it and said 'I USED YOU BECAUSE YOUR  EASY' LOOOL so I'm thinking how was I easy? I was properly easy for still believing him and the things is we didn't go FAR with him. It just hurts but I'm proud and happy that I'm done with him.
You know deep inside I know that he didn't mean what he said because I can just tell I'm not a fool LOL, he just said that to move me away, to get mad but ain't gonna lie it worked. (He will probably see this one day, and think what is she doing WELL I'M DOING ME)

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