Thursday, 16 August 2012

For Boys Only

Bet you read our post 'For Girls Only' obviously we care about both genders LOL :D Whatever don't get too happy..
Well are you tired of girls cussing you, acting up, their bitchy fights with other girls, their emotional and sad moods? To be honest WE ARE even though were girls LOL, I mean what's the point sometimes they can be so annooyinggg!!!! We know this from the girls around us :/
As you should know MOST girls LOVE attention, so they'll literally do ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING to get a guys attention.. (NOT ALL THE GIRLS) They act TOO, SO, VERY EASY! But guys obviously like that and that's an excuse why they can take advantage of a girl eh :/  MOST guys love seeing girls half naked in pictures, they call girls sexy, hot, peng .. etc :/ It's like your helping them even more to get worse.. I believe that for a fact you know aswell that what they do is wrong, because imagine your wife or girlfriend or even worse sister and mum posted pictures like those girls you would HATE it so you wouldn't want any one call them names like bitch *** *** etc..

BOYS BOYS BOYS please start getting a bit more mature dont waste you time thinking your a bloody gangster and be yourself :/ I know for sure that the bloody friends around you affect you badly, just because what you see of them you start believing its COOOOOOL to do so like a cat you go on try the same :/ Well my point is if you want  this world to become a better place then you should show the girls the angel you keep inside.. okey I understand you don't like sweet talks but all I'm saying is respect the girls don't be proud of them when you see half naked pictures.

when you see half naked pictures or if you see them freaking out. They just do this to get your attention which makes them seem like NOTHING BUT CRAP. (Sorrry Girls Is True)..
So Boys you should act a bit easier and stop all the mind games because girls take everything serious and you should know this by now, if you dont want her in your life don't just walk away without saying anything, don't even do this breaking up thing ling over the phone, if your a big man tell them to meet up and then tell them init I wan't to move on and please don't give them some dumb-ass excuse, keep it simple and short :) Trust me if everyone did this then the girls wouldn't flip out..

OH BY THE WAY! When your around friends don't start acting up on her I mean don't act like you don't know her especially if you know that she still loves you, be the bigger person if she wants to get mad at you let her because its only the start with time she'll get use to everything. After the breakup don't even contact her if you don't want to get back together because your gonna waste her time and leave her again:/ If obviously you realize that you still wanna be with her and promise to never let go then go on do the first move :) No matter what always be honest to girls because they are so bad that they can find everything out in all different ways such as STALKING you everywhere, asking people questions about the story  and yeah even you know their girls they'll do anything :) 

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