Thursday, 16 August 2012

"What goes around, comes back around"

Does anyone ever get the feeling where they feel hopeless, miss someone so badly but all they can do is replay all the memories and just listen to sad love songs Description: I have that feeling right now to be honest, its like somethings missing :S words can't explain this feeling you can only feel it in your heart and all the tears that drop down your eyes:( Well for a fact most of us miss someone that dosent even think or maybe remember us anymore, isn't that sad. I means its not even fair!!! Were just wasting our time, tears and minds over someone that dosent even care about us. Yes life could be so unfair at times but I guess no matter what we gotta be strong we can't be sad just because were not wanted Description: For sure deep inside I know that a time is gonna come and its gonna hit them 10 times harder Description: They're gonna realize how stupid they are also that we truly loved them because they gonna see that noone can treat them like we did, it will be too late tough.. Were gonna move on while they'll be walking back to us /: Don't froget "What goes around, comes back around" #SadTimes 

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