Thursday, 16 August 2012


Hmm, this post sounds quite? :/ you tell me! It should get you thinking and your reading this post for a reason right now aint ya?  Good you are :) What has this world come to? Whats up with everyone around us? The people we respect the most seem to take advantage of us, and the people we ignore actually still respect us :/ Life isn't fair ahh? I don't understand anyone but want people to understand me through this post. This goes to the selfish once! So everyone LOL! Whats the point of being so mard mean, rude, sad, angry or I dnno taking advantage of someone that really cares about you and you know they'll take a bullet for you :/ Whats the point of respecting, caring, loving or chasing after someone who dosent even care about you :S Diamonds seem to chase stones and stones are just stones! No one will ever be happy in life if this carries on because people should start recognizing how wrong it is :S we should care, respect and be friendly to everyone around us.

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