Thursday, 16 August 2012


Relationships are not perfect and no I don't expect them to be perfect neither should you! Just imagine a relationship with no arguments, no jealousy and etc.. it would be so BORING! All relationships should have small arguments because this makes it stronger as you then see how much the guys actually care about us! Look if you argue and they just walk away you know they don't care about you anyways so girl don't beg him just move on PLS! Yeah it aint easy but what you gonna do? CHASE HIM? REALLY? WAIT FOR HIM? Remember you only live once so live your life to the fullest. Relationships can wait put your education and family first because trust me you don't wanna waste your life searching for MR.RIGHT. God is up there and when the right person comes at the right time then you'll realize what love really is. I've been through a break up, yes I thought I can't move on! Yeah I tried to get back with him! BUT no way I can force someone to love me because that just doesn't feel right as deep inside you know that he doesn't really love you.

A mistake that all there girls do is act different :S Girl you should better be yourself if you want the right guy nope I'm not talking about your looks but I'm talking about your personality. There are times that we try attention seeking -.- well that's crap when you look back! It makes us such easy girls! We need to act mature and not chase :)

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