Thursday, 16 August 2012


Another late night post with reall life stories...

I'm just going to start of by saying if your not gonna take advice then don't waste your time reading this post. FOR REAL!

I will talk about both single and in a relationship because I can.
Well I'm single and I'm happy even though sometimes I just want to be in a relationship but its all cool. When your single you feel free and can flirt with anyone, talk dirty, sweet, hang out and have fun, but when you find out that the person you are dating actually has a partner that's when all of your emotions drop down. Nope its not your at fault for flirting its that fools fault for not respecting their partner and now his in the middle of an ocean where he is just lost and can't decide who to go for.

Why go for someone else when you have someone who is faithful and loyal, I mean no matter how much I would like that person I will never go for them once I find out that they are in a relationship with someone else because think of it, if he does that to his girl now I promise you he will do the same thing to you! It's just when you realize that they are lien to you don't say 'Ah Everything Will Be Fine' BECAUSE IT WON'T he will just keep lien to you and you will just seem like a fool this is like mind games. Once you realize a lie tell them straight away that you know they are lien. If you know that the guy has a girlfriend don't waste your time with him because think of the other girl how she will feel and won't you feel guilty about it?

From a different point of view when your boyfriend for a long period time cheats on you its very hard to let it go. Well think about the girl that's being cheated on it can affect her mentally and emotionally as from my experience #Jan. It can make her have trust issues where she feels lie she won't be able to trust anyone again. This is why most girls who are in long term relationships find it hard to leave a cheating boyfriend because they know they can't trust anyone and are scared of trusting a new person and then getting hurt.

It's not only boys that cheat I know girls that cheated on their boyfriends but this was a real life story therefore we talked about 'boys'

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