Thursday, 16 August 2012


Heyyyyy guys yes it's another post again well this time I'm posting from my new IPad.. Woooooo it's amazing. LETS get blogging :) So tomorrow is Friday ehhh last day of our school week, aha I know it's stressing especially for those who really want to go uni, have their GCSE exams coming up, and obviously A-Levels :/ but believe me at the end if you do well you'll realize that it was worth the hard work. Dont feel too stressed about your courseworks or scared of your exams because these are just negative thoughts, just try your very very but really very best.

 Don't ever give up because you think your doing wrong :\ I mean you have teachers for a reason, yes they should be always there for you :) When I was in year 11 everything was going WELL I completed all of my courseworks on time or even before the deadline arrived yesh I was being a real nerd when it came to work, but sadly I didn't do well in my exams, so this year I HAVE TO retake.. I blame myself because I know I could've done much better, but around that time I had a few problems going on in my family, relationship and a few fake friends which I erased off my LIFE. (Thank God)... I couldn't concentrate on anything, I just didn't want to revise because I thought that I'll pass anyway so I was just trying to solve my problems, well as you can tell I DID WRONG. I could've just ignore everything and do my revision instead of wasting time on stupid useless things :( I do regret but "Imma try my best" this time.

I'll just say don't try to find excuses and DO your work guys! Don't let small things get to you, and if you have friends that just want fun and have a bad life let them go, if they force you to leave your work and go out with them that's how you know that THEY ARE NO good friends any ways. One day they'll just leave you behind and move on in life and you'll be there life WTF have I done :|

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